Space oddesy lesson post

For part of the show that was a section of our course we hat to cover called music in the moving image. To do this our group had to form a piece of music along to some footage, footage we used was from ‘Space Odyssey’ A 2001 film by Stanley Kubrick. The peace flowed nicely from Ellie’s performance of ‘white rabbit’ into bitches brew by Miles Davis The two pieces worked well together as the same baseline and drum section was played in both pieces so the transition was smooth. During this section there were psychedelic sounds added using keyboard, percussion and an effects pad. When the clip began all of the bass sound went quiet and all that was left was percussion instruments and quieter sounds. When the clip begins it starts with an astronautics face frantically shaking and lights are shining in the glass of his helmet, as this is happening there is a very high pitched keyboard sound being played and a repeated strum of the electric guitar is played to create a powerful impact and to create the image of a rocket taking off… As the clip moves on more atmospheric sounds are added by using symbols and effects.

After I few minutes of this and creating the atmosphere the music drops out and and Eye appears on the screen this is when all the vocalists repeatedly sing the simple word ‘la’ this creates an ethereal sound. During this time I decided to improvise some higher Trance-ey sounding vocals over the top as I felt it fit really well with the sound. As the instruments slowly start to come back in beginning with Jack playing the cord progression ‘C, G, F, Ab’ on the electric guitar Luke begins to add some vocals in the background ‘Eclipse’ by Pink Floyd creating A sense of the Era we were trying to convey. More instruments then slowly begin to drop out and when the rest of the music faded all that was left to hear is the sound of Matias playing an accordion and my trance like vocals getting more and more distant.
This part of the show worked really well from a visual point of view, when speaking to audience members they said that this was really well done and was A hi-light of the show.


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