A place I know rehearsal diary

The first “a place I know” rehearsal went well; Some people in the class already knew their songs fairly well and were able to get up and play a rough version of the song. This was good as it was a starting point for those songs worked upon and improved. There were also some of the group who hadn’t yet learnt their songs, including my own. This was seen as a negative thing, I’m delaying the rehearsal however, I thought it gave the others , who knew their songs better the opportunity to spend the time developing their own songs.

In this session the class focused on developing two of the songs in the set; one of the songs was ‘white rabbit’ a song by Jefferson airplane which was to be sung by Ellie. My personal opinion on this particular track, is that the instrumental side needed more work and rehearsal, to make it a tighter more accomplished piece. The vocal side of things was much stronger and Ellie sung really well. Ellie has a great tone suited to this song; Ellie uses a lot of vibrato which adds to the overall effect of the mood of the song.

We also worked on the song ‘a place I know’. This is sung by Jake and Luke. The song itself sounded good, however I felt that the harmony sections needed some work, due to the fact that the boys didn’t know the song so well as of yet and the harmonies needs to be worked out so that the sound was tighter. This song is one of my favourites, the feel/ tone/ mood of it is probably the most uplifting of all the songs in the set.

This was only a short rehearsal. We worked on Luke’s song, ‘Almost out my hair’ by Crosby Stills and Nash. The song has clearly been worked on outside of college rehearsals and was running very smoothly. The vocals on the song are very strong and Luke has put his own spin on the song to change it around and enhance it.

In this lesson the vocalists and instrumentalists rehearsed separately. The idea was that both groups would go and work on a choral type piece of music to go along with the music and the moving image parts of the film. The instrumental challenge was to create ambient, bizarre sounding music. The vocal Challenge was to create a simple harmony section to enhance and add to the overall trippy ambient vibe that we were trying to achieve.

Today we went through Chloe’s song, ‘seven and seven’, by Frank Zappa. I think this song really suits Chloe as it has a sassy, rocky feel which Chloe does really well. The song suits Chloe’s style and image. Even during rehearsal Chloe really performs the piece to the best of her ability and really gets into the song. The words aren’t really song they are more spoken and I think this is something I personally would struggle with, where as Chloe find this an easy thing to do.

We went through several of the songs we had already been through, to go over all of the parts and make sure that the songs were as tight as they could be with regards to instrumental, vocal and how many sections. Many members of the class felt annoyed about the fact that the same song was being run through time and time again. I think there were some frustrations that other songs were being left, when they also needed some work.

In this lesson we ran through the whole of the set and finally ran through my song misery. I felt very unenthusiastic when singing this as I personally didn’t like the song choice and couldn’t connect to it at all.  However Andy suggested giving the song more of a Ska feel to it which helped me put my own spin on it and gave me more leeway to slow it down and make it my own.  I did still struggle with the high notes in the chorus, but this is something for me to work on.

Then we went through the song ‘hard rain is going to fall’  by Bob Dylan sung by Jake.  This song is played with just acoustic guitar and voice. He sings the song well as he has a powerful voice however the song is so repetitive and long it begins to get rather boring,  I think it needs some more instruments and layers to make it more interesting for the listener.

‘Tainted love’ sung by Becky was also worked on, this song has had all the elements but didn’t sound right so Andy made changes to the keyboard sound  and the drum beat. These both enhanced the sound of the song and made a big difference.


The main focus of this rehearsal was ‘hard rain is going to fall’, it needed more dynamics to make it more interesting by adding instruments in throughout the song and harmonies in the end.


In this lesson we worked on my song ‘misery’.  Matias swapped with Josh on this song to play drums as he feels more confident playing ska  as it’s one of his preferred genre is to play. We also added a breakdown section, slowing it down and adding more complex chords with me singing the chorus over the top.  I personally didn’t like this section as I didn’t think it sounded right however everyone else said it was decent so we left it in there.


A place I know photo shoot. Some people from the class dressed as mods and other people dressed as hippies. Some of the students got  interviewed as the show is being filmed  for a documentary about Frank Freemans.


Worked on the music in the moving image section of the show. In this part a clip from the film ‘space Odyssey’ is played and all the  students are involved in a trippy, psychedelic piece of music where the singers repeat the sound ‘la’ over and over to create an Ambient effect reverb also be used to enhance this effect.  We also worked on misery as I was still struggling with the high notes in the chorus so I asked Ellie if she wouldn’t mind singing it for me so that I could add some harmonies over the top.


Full rehearsal of the show.


Full dress rehearsal of the show. Didn’t go as well as planned as everyone was waiting around for hours whilst the equipment was set up. Hopefully when it comes to the real thing everyone will put the full effort in to their performances.



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