Unit 7 Composing music Post 1

Two of the guys from my band swallows started a project called Shadow cats. This project was making electronic music because that’s the music they really wanted to learn more about and get into particularly as they were learning to use software is so that they know what to do when it came to doing music at University.

They both had set ups wear  by they could make the music to the track in their bedrooms on logic. Once They had finished a few of the tracks they asked me to go around and write a melody and some lyrics. This was an ideal scenario for me to write a song as I am a topline writer.

The first song I wrote with them is a song called ‘Cold Covers’. The song started by me coming Up with a melody which is the oak in the song now that the song begins with, this phrase stuck with me strongly so I didn’t bother to give it any words I didn’t felt like it needed it so i kept i as the chorus.

When it came to the verse I wanted to keep the lines short, clear and the words well pronounced, so that the had some impact when the listener hears them. So that you actually take in the words



i’m waiting for the perfect storm

clouds come rolling clouds come rolling on

covers cold frayed at the seam

forgotten memories allowing me to breathe


i’m waiting for the rain to fall

recollections at my door

weakened bones, blood stained floor

Splitting memories, chiselled core


The lyrics arent very in-depth as I didn’t think they needed to be it is left to the imagination to interpret them how the listener wants to. However I do think the simple chorus line adds to the overall effect of the lyrics as it has a powerful impact especially when all the harmonies come in; even without words you still get the same feelings of yerning and pain that you do in the verses.  I feel as though the fact it is electronic music you are able to get away with singing Less words what the same words over and over again as it is a typical feature of dance music it often only ha


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